Beginners List *3*

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Lets introduce another bollywood essential term – MASALA!

If you have ever heard of a bollywood movie being ‘masala’ it basically means that its a whole big mix of genres thrown into one movie. Bollywood movies can be like 2-3.5 hours so in that time a whole myriad of genres is covered in the film. Romance, tragedy, adventure, comedy, drama, family all can be in one movie!

For me a modern day masala film that is well matched for a newbie is…

3. Bunty aur Babli (Bunty and Babli)

This movie is another good test on a bollywood newbie. It has many genres, it has indian comedy (which is always a big test for any bollywood fan) but it has great performances and even better music. Its truly a movie where you have to just sit back, relax and let the movie entertain you. The true stars of this film are Abhishek Bachchan’s comedy style as Bunty and Rani Mukerji’s outlandish performance as Babli. Watching those two on screen could keep my entertained for a while!

The basic premise of this movie is its a Bonnie and Clyde type movie. But throw in comedy, adventure, action, drama and romance – then you have the Bollywood’s Bonnie and Clyde. Basically Bunty and Babli travel from town to town where hilarious con’s ensue – of course their own personal issues and a little bit of romance is added to the stories mix. Additionally Abhishek Bachchan’s father – Amitabh Bachchan (acknowledged as the all time greatest bollywood star) stars for the first time along side his son as the cop who is out to capture Bunty and Babli. Its fun to watch the in-jokes between father and son.

Additionally i love love love not only Abhishek and Rani in this, but also the music! Not only the special appearance by Aishwarya Rai (now Aishwarya Bachchan) in the 2005 biggest hit ‘Kajra Re’, but also the catchy tunes ‘Bunty aur Babli’, the romantic duet and steamy scenes of ‘Chup Chup Ke’ and even the lycra spandex dance number of ‘Nach Baliye’. I think watching Nach Baliye is a true test to whether you can handle moving onto the fashion disasters of anything before 2000. Overall Bunty aur Babli is a movie to be enjoyed!


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