Beginners List *4*

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So far, the list has been pretty safe. Alot of people love the previously recommended movies, even if some just like it – most of them walk away from the movies with positive happy feelings.

The following movie can leave you either loving the emotional rollercosters of a bollywood movie, or hating the forced emotional manipulations of bollywood. All of the people i have shown the movie in person have loved it, but i know there are bollywood fans out there who really dislike this type of movie.

So after being introduced to Masala we will now introduce you to Bollywood Melodrama in its highest form, yet is still really enjoyable and emotionally moving to watch. Bollywood melodrama can either make you so emotionally moved that you are totally engaged by the movie, or it can be so annoying you can’t wait to turn off the dvd player.

Anyway onto the melodramatic beginners choice…

4. Kal Ho Naa Ho

Kal Ho Naa Ho literally translated as ‘Tomorrow May Not Come’, is a good test for the more full on bollywood experience that later addicts will be used to. Kal Ho Naa Ho stretches for 3 hours and in that time you will laugh, cry, sing and dance. Its got funny sequences, teary scenes, amazingly catchy songs (no matter how much you can hate the hinglish lyrics) and the song and dance sequences are beautifully and colourfully shot.

The 2003 made movie is still very modern. Set in New York it follows a cynical bitter girl called ‘Nina’ who suffers from the usual mix of family issues, until the optimistic and friendly Dev comes to live across the street. Of course its bollywood so there is a thousand plot story lines going on at once, but overall its an entertaining and engaging movie to watch. The character of Nina is played by Bollywood Actress superstar ‘Preity Zinta’ and the modern King of Bollywood ‘Shahrukh Khan’ plays the character of Dev. Saif Ali Khan is reduced to the supporting role of Nina’s best friend, but is a valued comedian and character in this movie nonetheless.

If you pass the Kal Ho Na Ho test then you will be more then up for any other modern bollywood films, even if they aren’t as funny. The big test here is the melodrama level and the length of the movie test – thank god for intermission in bollywood. See big Hollywood films nowadays don’t give you that – I had to sit through King Kong for 3.5 hours with no intermission. So really the length test shoudln’t be that bad if you have been to a hollywood big budget film in the last 2 years. Anyway give Kal Ho Naa Ho a go (ooo that rhymes).


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