7/G Rainbow Colony (2004)

October 21, 2007 at 10:00 am 2 comments

Name: 7G Rainbow Colony or 7G Brindavan Colony (Telugu Title)

Starring: Ravi Krishna & Sonia Agarwal

Director: Selvaraghavan

Language: Tamil (7G Rainbow) and Telugu (7G Brindavan)

Remake? This movie is to be remade in Hindi and will star Vivek Oberoi

Did I watch this recently? No

Brief Synopsis:

Kathir (Ravi Krishna) is a young underachiever, living an aimless existence with no desire to change the way he has been living, helpless and frustrated he vents this through public outbursts. When a north Indian girl, Anitha (Sonia Agarwal) moves into his neighborhood, he falls head over heels in love with her, and aggressively expresses interest. At first Kathir provides a source of great vexation for Anitha but gradually her feelings change. She helps Kathir discover himself and spurs him to achieve something in life. Their love story provides the rest of the story.


By the time I had decided to try out South Indian films (despite the unattractive male leads and excessive hair by the leads) I was more then immersed in the sometimes odd nature of Indian cinema. So all ready to try some of the best that South India has to offer I ask my rental store owner what he recommends. After trying out several telugu and tamil films he liked (with no success due to none of them having subtitles) he then took out 7G Rainbow Colony saying ‘its a romance and was a blockbuster last year’.

Well that was good enough for me. I decided to give it a go. First thing to remember is South Indian films are quite different to bollywood! I thought they would be very similar. One thing i liked about 7G Rainbow colony first up was it was not as glossy as bollywood films – much grittier. I found the performances more raw then Bollywood. So aesthetically speaking the film is not for anyone who looks for anything polished in films.

That being said the story was thin and a bit disturbing at times. This can be a good thing in that you don’t forget the movie as soon as its over, especially the ending really sticks with you. The main male protagonist ‘Khathir’ (Ravi Krishna) is very obsessive and quite psycho in terms of his anger problem. Having now seen many South Indian films i realise its quite common and not seen in such a negative way, but i was quite put off by it. In fact alot of themes were overdone in the movie – the slacker son, abusive/pushing father, the doting mother, the obsessive lover and the meek shy girl. But the treatment of the romance is probably the only non-predictable part of the movie.

Number one thing i have against South Indian films is the excessive violence. I don’t hate excessive violence cause its offensive to me or anything but its sooo boring when its the hero just going round punching 20 men with the same fighting cheorgraphy with really fake punching sound effects. My thumb was stuck on the fast forward button during those scenes in the movie.

Overall though i wouldn’t put it as a hated experience. I did get involved in the romance and despite the wierd characters i did care what happened to them. I really felt for Khathir’s transition from aimless angry young man, to a man in love and has a purpose and future in life. The characters also have more depth to themselves then the average south film, most of the main characters aren’t one dimensional.

All in all its very easy for someone to get annoyed with and hate this film. I was able to ignore a lot of the issues that annoy people. Maybe cause i was so fascinated with my first South Indian film i didn’t realise its flaws. Ravi Krishna as Khathir plays his role realistically, from the way he eats, talks and dresses. While Sonia Agarwal (Anitha) is more subtle in the emotional scenes then alot of South India actresses who would play the part with theatrical hysterics. In terms of the music the background score is emotive but the songs are forgettable.

Overall Score 2.5/5 Hairy Anil Kapoors – I wouldn’t recommend this as a first time movie to watch but you might not hate it after watching it, you might be moved or disturbed after the film has finished cause it can go either way. Best advice to this film is keep your mind open and your thumb to the fast forward button for action and slow scenes. At least its a break away from the coventional love story. Problem is many people find the lead actor Ravi Krishna very very annoying and can’t act to save his life – but its been about 1.5 years since i’ve seen this film so somethings have disappeared from memory.


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  • 1. Prakash  |  December 14, 2007 at 4:40 pm

    you must be kidding. This movie is a much watch movie. if u wanna roller coaster effect, watch it with out any review or pre-conceptions. imagine it as one another movie and then watch. u will feel it.

  • 2. dw007  |  December 14, 2007 at 4:58 pm

    Thanks Prakash for your different opinion on the movie.

    It musn’t have been too bad if it was my first south indian film and i wanted to watch more after it. But as an outsider some of the scenes are qutie unusual to watch, for a newbie it might be wierd.

    I found other reviewers who completely trashed the film but i think it has its beautiful and sweet moments. But as you said watch it without reviewers or pre-conceptions to judge yourself. I did it that way as well.

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