Mausam (1975)

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Name: Mausam (Weather or Season)

Starring: Sanjeev Kumar, Sharmila Tagore & Om Shivpuri

Director: Gulzar

Language: Hindi

Did I watch this recently? Yes


Dr Gill (Sanjeev Kumar) is an unmarried gray-haired man who has become successful through discovering a useful medicine, is spending a holiday at Darjeeling alone. Over twenty years before he had visited the same place, and fallen in love with the daughter of a local doctor (Sharmila Tagore). He did not keep a promise to return for her, and when he learns on holiday what had become of her as a result of his non-return he feels guilty and spends the rest of the film trying to rectify his mistakes. I could say more but i feel it would be spoilery.


If you have it in your mind that Mausam is another product of the 70s – a whining and pining love story well your wrong, well at least half wrong. For half the movie you might be feeling the tedium of the love story (despite the existence of nice songs). For me though it was not until Young Sharmila Tagore showed up that I suddenly realised this wasn’t going to be another average film. Its always good when a film catches you off guard, especially about your perception of what type of films bollywood will only do.

It was a beautifully touching film to watch.

Although Sanjeev Kumar is not that convincing as a young hero, he does play the part well as the older Dr Gill. Additionally I think he plays these more subtle roles so well because of his impeccable emotional timing. He knows just when to show what face, whether its remorse, empathy or straight out crying he knows just how to play the scene. Overall I don’t really think of his as much of a romance lead, but he doesn’t really have to be that great at that in this movie.

But overall Sharmila has to be the star. The way she could play the naive innocent mountain girl and then transition to the Young Sharmila prostitute (Kajili) is true acting talent on her part. Playing a prostitute (especially in bollywood movies) is along the lines of ‘a hooker with heart’ stories and there is a thin line between disliking Young Sharmila’s character or loving her. Thanks to Sharmila she embeds vulnerability and empathy into this character so its easy to love even this flawed character. I couldn’t imagine many actors being able to pull off the sweet and innocent then play a convincing gutter mouth prostitute. I guess the most recent example is Lara Dutta in Jhoom Barabar Jhoom but then again there is more comedy then emotion in that role.

Favourite song has to be ‘Mere Ishq Mein’, it is so hilarious to watch. Usually the dancing is so perfectly executed I found it amusing to watch Young Sharmila’s character badly dance and even gets dizzy after spinning around on the spot too much.

A point that many might find ‘icky’ (and the ending confusing) is the Lamhe styled story of Dr Gill and Kajli. Is it father and daughter styled love or romantic love? Everybody has their own interpretation of the love story, you can make your own conclusions.

Overall Score: 4/5 Hairy Anil Kapoors – Another Gulzar favourite of mine. Like most Gulzar films it is slow and thin in story but its not too long so most people should be able to sit through it and at least think the 2 hours was well spent. Others maybe less emotionally touched by the storyline, but I liked it.

Special thanks to Darshana from Bollywhat for the screencaps and synopsis!

Anyone else seen this movie? Overrated or underrated? Drop a comment below.


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