Just Married (2007)

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Name: Just Married

Starring: Fardeen Khan & Esha Deol

Director: Meghna Gulzar

Language: Hindi

Did I watch this recently? Yes


Abhay (Fardeen Khan) and Ritika (Esha Deol) both attend their friends arranged wedding one day. While at the wedding their parents decide to arrange the marriage for Abhay and Ritika (despite the fact they have only seen each other for 5 minutes).

Ritika & Abhay then depart for their honeymoon in Ooty where they meet 4 other couples. The older couple who have been married for 40 years and fight all the time (Kirron Kher & Satish Shah), the modern half indian couple, the romantic couple and the couple that have forgotten to be romantic with each other. The rest of the story shows the process from being Just Married in an arranged marriage to their process of getting to know each other and falling in love on the honeymoon.


Just Married is basically a movie about a newly married couple, Abhay (Fardeen Khan) and Ritika (Esha Deol). The movie starts very promosingly. I found myself utterly intrigued what it would be like to marry a stranger and have to learn, adjust and after marriage fall in love. However this movie would serve better as a 1.5 hour romantic comedy, then 2.5 hour drama.

The awkward scenes between Abhay and Ritika at the beginning i found quite hilarious and squeamish to watch. Going from knowing each other to having to spend 5 days together very intimately is very funny/interesting to watch. Ritika a traditional, shy and quite conservative girl was given this see through sexy nightie to wear for their first night as a present from her sister-in-law and you can just feel how embarrassing it would be to suddenly be forced to make love to this man she had never even known before a day ago.

Downside is the honeymoon and ups and downs of their struggle as a newly married couple takes up the whole 2.5 hour movie. Its funny and entertaining at the beginning, but after a while i really started to get frustrated with Esha’s character. To simpering and wimpering for my liking, but I still did like her character. Fardeen’s character is also very nice and understanding, which was good to see but sometimes i felt it was too cardboard cut out perfect but i think he plays his character with more pizazz then Esha. Esha’s character starts off opinionated and self spoken at the beginning of the movie, but as soon as she gets married she really don’t show much guts or assertiveness for the rest of the film. The chemistry between the two i think was very good though, I could very much buy the love between them.

Something i wish the writers explored more was the background of Esha & Fardeen before marriage. Their history was only very briefly touched on and i would have liked to know their life before the arranged marriage. It is mentioned that Fardeen had a girlfriend for 3 years but never really got into that. Instead the movie tries to have the sub storyline of four couples (very much like Honeymoon Travels who did a better job of integrating the couples stories though). I really enjoyed Kirron Khers & Satish Shah’s storyline because it compared their arranged married love (4o years down the track) to Fardeen & Esha’s new arranged marriage. So i thought this couple choice was a better plot point then the other three couples that i didn’t really care much about.

One thing i did really enjoy about this film was the music – catchy, melodic and didn’t interjet the flow of the movie too much. Favourites include Ram Milaye Jodi, Baat Pakki & Jagte Raho.

The climax of the film could have been done in a much more subtle and stylish way, but the ending was far too dramatic and filmi for this film. Considering its premise lies in the natural interactions between two strangers now married, to climax it in such a filmi fake over the top way was unnecessary.

Overall Score: 3/5 Hairy Anil Kapoors – A nice little timepass to watch, but can feel like not much is happening and that the same storyline with them goes round and round for an hour more then it should. But its interesting and enjoyable enough to keep watching – nothing special though.


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