Partition (2007)

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Name: Partition

Starring: Jimi Mistry, Kristin Kreuk & Neve Campbell

Director: Vic Sarin

Language: English

Did I watch this recently? No


Determined to leave the ravages of war behind, 38 year old Gian Singh (Jimi Mistry) resigns from the British Indian Army to a quiet life. His world is soon thrown in turmoil, when he suddenly finds himself responsible for the life of a 17 year old Muslim girl, separated from her family and traumatized by the hindu lead, anti-Muslim genocide. Slowly, resisting all the taboos of religious devide, Gian finds himself falling in love with the vulnerable Naseem (Kristin Kreuk) and she shyly responds. In a moving and epic story, woven into a rich and exotic tapestry, they battle the forces that haunt their innocent love, fighting the odds to survive in a world surrounded by hate.


Partition is not the first cross cultural indian production. Bollywood Bride, Monsoon Wedding, Bride & Prejudice, Marigold and many others. 9 times out of 10 the cross over cinema is pretty awful. I personally liked Monsoon Wedding and Bride & Prejudice out of the above mentioned.

First thing to say about Partition that sets it apart from all the other english language productions is it does not heavily fall victim to a weak script and poor dialogue. In fact the cinematography and production values are one of the highlights of the film. The movie was additionally well written which is always i think the biggest downfall for indian styled movies trying to be made overseas.

Oh course the movie can’t get all the aspects right…it has the obvious flaw of having the euroasian Kristin Kreuk playing a muslim indian. Supposedly this decision was made due to the kissing scenes and sex scene. As much as Jimi & Kristin’s accents are not authentic, i give them points for trying at least to do things authentically. I can tell just from Kristin’s acting herself she has taken on the mannerisms like the headbobble, the hand movements, the squat and other essentials.

Of course this is not the first movie of this storyline, Partition’s story is borrowed from the 2001 Blockbuster Hit ‘Gadar’ Starring Amisha Patel & Sunny Deol. So in regards to how closely the movie follows Gadar i think in essential overview its largely the same story with the scenes played out in different ways. For example instead of Sunny Deol finding Amisha Patel after Sunny is on a death hunt for muslims, Jimi’s character would never undertake such violent killings in the first place and discovers Kristin without being on any of the murderous rampages. So in this case the character of Sunny/Jimi is much less violent – but both characters i think are sweet to Amisha/Kristin in the movie. Without going into the ending i find the ending a lot more appropriate in Partition. Gadar’s ending was far too over the top for my liking. It’s also good to see Jimi pursuing a different type of character then what he normally does and as idealistic as his character is, i think he can really convey the feelings of sadness and guilt of his character.

The strength Partition over Gadar for me overall Partition is a much more subdued film. The scenary, emotions, dialogue – everything is a lot more subtle. Gadar feels very over the top which i feel can destroy the beauty of the story. Don’t get me wrong i did like Gadar when i first saw it, but i had definite issues with how they dealt with the second half. I think the chemistry is good in both movies, so was glad to see the relationship between Kristin & Jimi progress appropriately and there was definete chemistry there which is integral to the success of the story for the viewer.
Overall Score: 3/5 Hairy Anil Kapoors – Overall the movie is worth the watch. The running time is under the 2 hours mark and i think just for some of the emotionally stirring moments and the beautiful cinematography the movie is worth the watch on that alone. The beautiful scenery of Delhi, Punjab, Pakistan (Lahore) is all breath taking. I think if more bollywood movies had a hollywood budget the quality of cinematography would improve there too.

If you can get past the annoying inaccuracies of cross over cinema, you will find that you won’t regret the watch. It may not be fantastic cinema, but it beats alot of the other english coproductions. Many might be very put off by the remake of Gadar (even though i think the two are quite different in their approach) and the fact the stars aren’t from India (Jimi is UK Indian and Kristin Kreuk Euroasian).

Just some cute screencaps of the boy from the movie…he’s adorable!


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