Humko Deewana Kar Gaye (2006)

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Name: Humko Deewana Kar Gaye (You made me crazy [in love])

Starring: Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif, Bipasha Basu, Anil Kapoor & Special Guest Star Helen.

Director: Raj Kanwar

Language: Hindi

Did I watch this recently? Yes


Aditya (Akshay Kumar) is an automobile engineer and engaged to fashion designer Sonia (Bipasha Basu). For Sonia career comes first and romance second. Aditya loves Sonia and tries to overlook the differences between them.

Aditya leaves for Canada there he meets Jia (Katrina Kaif), daughter of business tycon who was also engaged to be married to Business giant Karan Raichand (Anil Kapoor). Unlike Sonia & Aditya, Aditya & Jia are on the same wavelength and soon a friendship is formed between Jia and Aditya. Their bond grows closer, but their relations are soon cut by a misunderstanding. What is their fate?


Humko Deewana Kar Gaye is a movie that suffers from two extremes – when the movie is bad, its really bad. But when its good it is oh so good.

There are two major things i loved about this movie. First of all is the chemistry between Akshay & Katrina! You could really feel the growing attraction between the two of them and the chemistry between the two of them was undeniably good. I would recommend this film just for the scenes between the two of them. I really loved their tango scene, when they watch Junglee scene, their emotional scenes and their bonding scenes – hell i loved all their scenes together!

Second thing I loved about the movie was I admired how the screenplay actually gave the characters backstory and depth. That is one way in which this movie can be set apart from your average movie, it really helps the viewer to understand and feel for the characters more. Especially Katrina’s character. I think its hard not to like Katrina Kaif once you have seen Namaste London, Sarkar and Humko Deewana Kar Gaye. I totally disliked her after only seeing her in Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya (with Salman Khan & her), but after seeing Namaste London and this I really like her. Can’t wait to see her in more. Akshay also is too cute in this movie, looking fantastic. He also has the soulful stare into Katrina’s eyes down to an artform.

However this movie has two main things going against it. At times it is the cliche cringe worthy scenes. One thing to say about this movie is it is nothing new. The storyline is fairly predictable bar the way the ending is played out. Another big issues i had with this film includes that we have direct rip offs from Wimbledon, a famous ad involving a house’s intercom between a girlfriend and boyfriend (which has done the rounds on youtube) and most of all Notting Hill. There were quite a few scenes that were directly ripped from Notting Hill. Basically I think Raj Kanwar (writer & director) is a major fan of Richard Curtis (writer of the movies he ripped off) because he does borrow from them. Other people have commented it borrows from The wedding planner, shall we dance and Just Married but i think those comparisons are less direct then the more obvious Notting Hill rip-offs.

Other cringe worthy scenes include the scene whereby Katrina was mugged and Akshay comes to her rescue, the drunk restaurant scene and the awful and totally pointless scene with Pammi and her football stadium scene. That scene had serious cringe reaction it was so bad. Plus the movie could have done with some chopping of scenes that were totally pointless scenes like the accident in the snow and the car rally. They just interjected the storyline and stopped the flow of the movie.

Bipasha is completely wasted in this film. Thank goodness since this movie she has immersed herself in quality roles that suit her talents (with the exception of Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal). Helen is always fun to see onscreen, but her character was kind of crass but the following song she is in makes it for her in the wasted character. I think its totally unbelievable to see Anil Kapoor as Katrina’s finance’ but he does a good job of the characterisation of Richard anyway.

Music itself is ok, it has a couple of catchy numbers including ‘Mere Nazaron Mein’ and ‘Humko Deewana Kar Gaye’. Most of the songs though are plagued with the try hard american hip hop rap that just sounds wrong in a Bollywood song. But so many movies have it in their songs nowadays i’ve almost grown immune.

Overall Score: 2.5/5 Hairy Anil Kapoors – Overall the chemistry between Akshay & Katrina and their subsequent scenes are worth the watch. But the movie itself is plagued by a cliche ridden screenplay and some cringe worthy scenes, however it does attempt to give depth to their characters. To watch a good film with this pair stick to Namaste London!


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