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Quick Update

Hey guys,

So sorry that i haven’t posted a review in a while.  I’ve been very busy and haven’t even had time to spend on my beloved Bollywood.  I really have so many more things planned for this site, if only there was more time in the day!

But i promise to have a whole bunch of new review posted up in the next couple of weeks.

Just a side note to everyone who posts on their beloved stars.  I appreciate you spreading your thoughts and love for your favourite stars, but please do not post your personal details.  I know you love your favourite stars but there is a very fat chance of any self respecting star visiting my blog so chances of your details being picked up by the actor are very slim, chances of them being taken by wierdos and spammers is very high.  I have already had one incident where a fellow poster had trouble after posting their personal details so please do not do it!

Also please don’t post your loving comments like this…’iiiiii lllllooooooovvvvvvveeeee yyyyyoooooouuuuuuu’.  It doesn’t serve much purpose other then annoying me and i will probably start just deleting all redundant letters so it forms a coherent word.

Thanks to everyone for your comments and i’ll have review for Life in a Metro and other oldies coming soon!

Your Blogger,



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I’m Back!

Hey Guys,

Its been a while since my last post.  I’m back from my holiday in India and i’m ready to start posting some more reviews and other items.

I saw Jodhaa Akbar recently too, which i loved, so will post a more thorough review on that shortly!

Thanks for your support in the new year,


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Welcome to the Bolly Blog! The Bollywood Blog for New and Old Fans of Bollywood! This site is quite new so i'm updating profiles and reviews as i can. Check out the Excel God's Movie Reviews for random reviews on films from the 40s-now. Or there are the movie or actors index to search by. There are also profiles to help you know the facts about your favourite stars. I hope to add a news section to this blog in the upcoming year.